LDR Photoresistor Light Detection Sensor Module


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This module is ideally suited to light detection, typically seen in project robots and daylight systems.
Based on a light dependant resistor, a trigger, set by potentiometer offers a digital output based on a set light level.

Working at a low 3.3v to 5v input the module will output high values on detecting light and low values while not detecting.

You can use this board digital output DO port drive relay module directly(our store on sale these relay modules), and can also use it as a photoelectric switch.

The analog output ao connects with the ad module and it can get more precise light intensity value through the ad-converter.

The sensor has a potentiometer knob that can be adjusted to change the sensitivity of LDR towards light.


  • Voltage :  3.3v to 5v
  • Comparator : LM393
  • PCB size: 32mm x 14mm
  • DO : Digital output (0 and 1)
  • AO : Analog Output Signal
  • Onboard potentiometer

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