18650 Lithium Battery Charger Micro USB Board Module


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18650 Lithium Charging Micro USB module designed for single-cell lithium battery charging, which can be powered from a micro USB lead or directly fro the input terminal solder pads.

The battery is connected to the B+ and B- terminals and th output load is connected to the Out+ and Out- terminals.

The charger cut-off voltage is 4.2V + / – 1% with battery undervoltage protection voltage of 2.5V and
Battery over-current protection current of  3 amps.

A red L.E.D lights while the battery is charging and a green L.E.D indicates battery is fully charged.

The first time you connect the battery, there may be no voltage between the output OUT+ and OUT- terminals, once connected to 5V this will activate the protection circuit.

Note that the power supply must be able to output 1A or more or the battery may not charge.

The charging current can be set by changing the value of the Rprog resistor information on the can be found online.


  • Input Voltage : 4.5V – 5.5V
  • Full charging voltage : 4.2V
  • Max output current : 1A
  • Charger cut-off voltage : 4.2V + / – 1%
  • Battery undervoltage protection voltage : 2.5V
  • Battery over-current protection current : 3A
  • Led indicator : Red when charging, Green when fully charged
  • Input interface : micro USB
  • Item Size : 25mm x 19mm x 10mm
  • Charge module- Linear charging
  • Current : 1A
  • Charge precision : 1.5%
  • Work temperature : -10°C to +85°C
  • Inversed polarity : No

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