Water Level Liquid Detection Sensor


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This raindrop / water level sensor provides an analog output of 0v to 2.3V DC relative to the resistance change of the sensing pad due to either amount of raindrops or immersion depth in water.

If the board has water or another fluid covering all the wire, then it will output a maximum analog value reading.

Since analog values have a range from 0 (lowest reading) to 1023 (highest reading), a board completely submerged with a liquid will have a reading of 1023 by a microcontroller.

If the board is halfway covered, a reading of about 512 will be read and If the boar if 1/4 covered by a liquid, then will will read about 256.

If no liquid is on it at all, then a near 0 reading should be obtained.


  • Operating voltage : DC 3v to 5V
  • Operating current : less than 20mA
  • Sensor Type : Analog
  • Detection Area : 40mm x 16mm
  • Production process : FR4 double-sided HASL
  • VCC : Connected to the power supply positive 3v to 5V
  • GND : Connected to the power supply negative
  •  AO : Analog 0-2.3V DC
  • Size: 32mm x 14mm(1.26inch x 0.55inch)

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