LM2596 Adjustable DC-DC Converter Step Down Buck Regulator


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Step down buck power supply based on the LM2596 IC.

The LM2596-based step down voltage regulator board is a low-ripple adjustable output voltage power supply capable of providing up to 3A of continuous current (2A without a heat-sink).

This DC to DC Step Down Regulator has a high conversion efficiency of up to
92%, the higher the Output voltage the higher the efficiency.

Wide input voltage from 4.75v to 23v and an adjustable voltage from 1v to 17v, input voltage must be >1.5v higher than the output voltage.

Ideal for battery operated projects requiring an efficient regulated power supply.


  • Based on LM2596 Chip
  • Input voltage : 3V – 40V
  • Output voltage : 1.5V – 35V (adjustable)
  • Output current : Rated current is 2A, maximum 3A (if the output power more than 10W, the heat sink is needed)
  • Conversion efficiency : Up to 92% (the higher the output voltage, the higher the efficiency)
  • Potentiometer adjustment direction : Clockwise (increase), Anti-clockwise (decrease)
  • Switching frequency : 150KHz
  • Rectifier : Non-synchronous rectification
  • Module properties : Non-isolated step-down module
  • Short circuit protection : Current limiting, self-recovery
  • Operating temperature : Industrial grade (-40 to +85 degrees Celsius) (output power 10W or less)
  • Load regulation : +/- 0.5%
  • Voltage regulation : +/- 2.5%
  • Dynamic response speed : 5% 200uS
  • Item size: 43mm x 20mm x 14mm

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