FT232RL FTDI USB to TTL Serial Programmer


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FTDI breakout board allows standard serial comms from the like of Arduino Pro Mini, many Microchip PIC micro-controllers and such like.

It is therefore a simple matter to add USB capability to your project.

The board is powered from the USB port, pin 3 on the 6 pin connector can be connected to the USB supply 5VDC or to the 3V3 regulator output on the FTDI chip.

We do not recommend using this for powering external circuitry.

The pins on the board will plug directly into breadboard or will accept a 0.1” pitch connector.

It can also be soldered directly to a printed circuit board or stripboard.


  • FT232R is a USB to serial UART interface
  • Low-cost way to add USB capability to Arduino or other microcontrollers
  • Use this to give your own breadboard Arduino USB capability for bootloading or downloading sketches
  • RXD/TXD transceiver communication indicator
  • Pin definition – DTR RXD TX VCC CTS GND
  • Includes over-current protection using a 500ma self-restoring fuse
  • Board includes a DTR pin needed to auto-reset Arduino when downloading to your device
  • PCB size – 17mm x 32.5mm

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