Speedy Coaxial Cable Stripper


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Speedy Co-ax Stripper ideal for quickly and comfortably stripping many types of cable. It can strip 100 type cable in 5 seconds!

Fully adjustable blades to accomodate different sizes of cable.

Works with some thicker speaker cables.

1.Push the button of the stripper to open stripping hole. Insert the coaxial cable in the required hole, in the direction marked on the unit.

2.Release the push button. Rotate the stripper 3-5 times till the cable’s insulation is cut.

3.Push the stripper’s button and take out the cable.

4.Remove the inner insulation and jacket

How to adjust the blades

To adjust the blades depth of cut push down the black cap and push out the metal pin using the supplied allen key.

Slowly release the cap which sould now come off the main body of the stripper, you should now see the grub screws which can be adjusted using the allen key to alter the depth of the blades.

Reasemble in the reverse order and make a test cut and repeat until the blades are set correctly for your chose of coax.


  • Strips Coax cables: RG6, RG59, RG7 & RG11, 100 Type cable
  • Strips Data cables: Cat5/6 (use RG7 & RG11 side)
  • Ideal for quickly and comfortably stripping many types of cable

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