Reed Sensor Switch Module


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A reed module is a magnetic sensor that is normally open and get closed when exposed to a magnetic field.

Under normal conditions the 2 plates do not touch creating an open circuit digital output 0 when the switch is placed in the range of a magnetic field the 2 plates are attracted to each other and touch closeing the circuit and giving digit output 1.

Once the presence of the magnetic field is gone, the plates move away from each other breaking the circuit again.

On board potentiometer to set the sensitivity.

These are great for a range of different projects where it is beneficial to know if you are near a magnetic field.


  • Voltage : 3.3v to 5v
  • Normally-open
  • Comparator : LM393
  • Working distance : 15mm
  • Output Type : Digital output (0 and 1)
  • PCB size : 32mm  x 14mm

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