Micro SD Card Module SPI Interface


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Micro SD card module with SPI interface for Arduino or other embedded projects.

An ideal board to give your Ardunio or other embedded projects micro SD storage capability.

Supports Micro SD and Micro SDHC cards.

Simple 6 pin connection for power and SPI interface signals allowing this board to be easily used
with the various sofware libraries used for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other development platforms.

Level conversion is done onboard using a LVC125A buffer device.

Pinouts are clearly marked on the bottom PCB screen print.


  • Power supply – 4.5V to 5.5V  has onboard 3.3V voltage regulator
  • Positioning holes: 4 M2 screws positioning hole diameter of 2.2mm
  • Control Interface: GND, VCC, MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS
  • Size:45 x 28mm

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