KY-026 Flame Sensor Infrared Receiver Sensor Module


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KY-026 module is ideally suited to light detection within the range of 760 – 1100nm, typically seen in project robots and flame detection systems.

The analog signal pin provides an analog output based on the level of radiation available to the sensor.

The digital signal pin outputs HIGH when the level goes above the trigger level and LOW when below it, the trigger level can be adjusted via the on-board potentiometer.

A power LED is mounted onto the board as well as an indicator LED that lights when the sensor is detecting above the trigger level.


  • KY-026
  • Wavelength sensitivity : 760nm – 1100nm
  • Voltage – 3.3v to 5v
  • Comparitor : LM393
  • Pin pitch : 2.54mm
  • Size : 36mm x 15mm x 15mm