KY-023 Dual Axis XY Joystick Module


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This module is designed to bring joystick control to your projects.

This is a thumb stick module which can be used to provide X and Y positions for potential use in control input.

As with gaming console thumb sticks this module includes a push switch when the stick is pressed in.


SW : Switch output
VRY : Analog Y output
VRX : Analog X output
+5V : 5V DC Input
GND : Ground

  • 2 potentiometers for XY axis
  • 1 push switch
  • Dimensions : 4cm x 2.6cm x 3.2cm
  • 5V DC Input
  • Spring return joystick
  • Rubberized thumbstick
  • M3 Mounting holes
  • Compatible with standard 2.54mm sockets

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