AT-09 Bluetooth 4.0 Module Transceiver BLE


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The AT-09 is a module that contains a BLE chip (a CC2540/CC2541).

This module allows to perform serial communication with the BLE chip thanks to an Rx and a Tx pin.

The module is also very similar to the HM-10 module and is also compatible with it so if you have some experience with the latter, you will get started quickly with the AT-09.

This small size Bluetooth 4.0 TTL transceiver module allows your target device communicate with your iPhone/iPAD, IOS 6 or Android 4.3 above devices.

You can set it as slave or master and use AT command to set the baudrate.


  • Ultra-low standby power consumption 90uA~400uA
  • Range up to 60 meters
  • Built in PCB antenna
  • Power input : 3.6v to 6v DC (6v MAX)
  • Size : 43mm x 15mm

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