5 X TL431 TL431A Programmable Voltage Reference 2.5 to 36V TO-92


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The TL431 device is a three-terminal adjustable shunt regulator, with specified thermal stability over applicable automotive, commercial, and military temperature ranges.

The output voltage can be set to any value between Vref (approximately 2.5 V) and 36 V, with two external resistors.

These devices have a typical output impedance of 0.2 Ω.

Active output circuitry provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, making these devices excellent
replacements for Zener diodes in many applications, such as onboard regulation, adjustable power
supplies, and switching power supplies

  • Adjustable Output Voltage: Vref to 36 V
  • Operation From −40°C to 125°C
  • Low Output Noise
  • 0.2-Ω Typical Output Impedance
  • Sink-Current Capability: 1 mA to 100 mA
  • Secondary Side Regulation in Flyback SMPSs
  • Zener Replacement
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • Comparator with Integrated Reference