5 x LM324 DIP14 Low power Quad Op-Amp IC Through Hole


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LM324 DIP14 through hole is a 14pin IC consisting of four independent operational amplifiers (op-amps) compensated in a single package.

Op-amps are high gain electronic voltage amplifier with differential input and, usually, a single-ended output.

The output voltage is many times higher than the voltage difference between input terminals of an op-amp.

These op-amps are operated by a single power supply LM324 and need for a dual supply is eliminated.

They can be used as amplifiers, comparators, oscillators, rectifiers etc.

The conventional op-amp applications can be more easily implemented with LM324.


  • Package : DIP14 Through Hole
  • Internally frequency compensated for unity gain
  • Large DC voltage gain 100 dB
  • Wide power supply range : Single supply 3V to 32V or dual supplies ±1.5V to ±16V
  • Very low supply current drain (700 µA)
  • Low input biasing current 45 nA
  • Low input offset voltage 2 mV
  • Offset current : 5 nA
  • Input common-mode voltage range includes ground

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