3.5mm Stereo Socket TRRS Breakout Board


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A simple breakout board allows 3.5mm TRRS audio jacks to be easily adapted to a solderless breadboard or prototype PCB.

Breaks out each of the conductors to a standard 2.54mm / 0.1″ male pin header.

The TRRS female socket can also be used with the traditional TRS style male plug that has 2 audio channels and a ground sleeve.

In that case, both the Sleeve and Ring 2 will be connected to ground and the Ring1 and Tip will carry the two audio channels.

Ring 1 normally carries the RIGHT audio channel, while Tip normally carries the LEFT audio channel. If there is a 3rd channel, it usually carries a microphone or video channel.


  • 3.5mm Stereo Socket TRRS
  • 2.54mm / 0.1″ male pin header