5 x ICL7660SCPAZ CMOS Voltage Converter IC DIP8 Through Hole


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The ICL7660S DIP8 through hole Super Voltage Converters are monolithic CMOS voltage conversion ICs that guarantee significant performance advantages over other similar

The ICL7660S perform supply voltage conversions from positive to negative for an input range of 1.5V to 12V, resulting in complementary output voltages of -1.5V to -12V.

Each chip contains a series DC power supply regulator, RC oscillator, voltage level translator, and four output power MOS switches.


  • DIP8 Through Hole
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: 1.5V to 12V
  • 100% Tested at 3V
  • Boost Pin (Pin 1) for Higher Switching Frequency
  • Guaranteed Minimum Power Efficiency of 96%
  • Improved Minimum Open Circuit Voltage Conversion Efficiency of 99%
  • Improved SCR Latchup Protection
  • Simple Conversion of +5V Logic Supply to ±5V Supplies
  • Simple Voltage Multiplication VOUT = (-)nVIN
  • Easy to Use; Requires Only Two External Non-Critical Passive Components

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